Athletes tend to be anxious to see all Green Lights on their Dashboards

ScienceTraining uses color-coding for all workout events. That way, you can get some quick info about the commitment of your athletes. Green means everything is coming according to plan, orange means something may have gone wrong, and red means an athlete skipped their training session! 

This not only provides you with useful info “at a glance”, but it increases your athletes’ motivation. It has been observed that athletes tend to want to see all of their workouts in green status, which means they were all performed as planned.

Quick Training Builder

One of the most important and time-consuming jobs, for a coach, is to create a training program for each athlete. And that’s only natural! For the coach to have a complete picture of their athletes’ physical condition, training goals, the image from their last training program and then move on to the creation of the new one, is an intensive process; it takes time. However, with the help of coaching software, only a fraction of that time is required. The coach completes this process much faster, without compromising the quality of their work.

Easy reading & understanding of Graphs

Graphs are now more accurate, using a scientific background, structured with ease of use in mind; no special scientific or statistical knowledge is required for the coach to understand them. Consequently, this leads to easy and swift interpretation. The graphs and the data they display are now usable!

Get only the important Notifications & Alerts

Some coaches have many athletes under their guidance. It’s important for a coach not to receive notifications/alerts about all actions and events concerning their athletes. From their training condition and a comment about a workout, to missed workouts and birthday reminders, it’s a lot to deal with! You’ll get only the notifications and alerts that are important to your athletes and your business.

Detailed Overview, without unnecessary information

It is also important for a coach to be able to see an overview of the progress of their athletes with a quick glance and draw some initial conclusions. This is possible through the Overview screen which, with the help of colors and symbols, enables the coach to instantly judge whether their athletes are progressing according to plan, or not.

Auto-synchronization with Garmin

Most athletes use a data entry device for their training, mostly one made by Garmin. The platform enables athletes to synchronize their device; all training-specific data will automatically be available on the platform. This enables the coach to centrally manage athletes’ data in one, unified platform that allows them to analyze progress efficiently; while, at the same time, streamlining overall management for their athletes.

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Easy-to-use platform

You get an easy to learn training platform, for both the coach and the athlete. Complete with capabilities that give real value to the coaching process and the communication between the coach and their athletes.

Auto-threshold detect

ScienceTraining meta-analyzes the data from your Garmin watch and can automatically detect a new record, new peaks and, more importantly, new lactate thresholds and/or FTP to help modify training zones! Of course, once that happens, the workouts will be updated with the new training zones.

Superfast, automatic Annual Training Plan creation (macrocycle ATP)

Just select auto periodization, choose a race goal, and set your average duration per week! In a second, the platform will provide you with an extremely detailed, fully customizable macrocycle (Annual Training Plan), and the freedom to modify anything that matters to you.

Information about Fitness, Form and Fatigue

Monitoring your athlete's fitness, form, fatigue, and physical condition through ScienceTraining without needing a Ph.D.! A super simple screen with graphs, provides crucial information about an athlete’s current condition. And when you forget to take a look, don’t worry! We‘ll notify you if something goes wrong (overtraining or undertraining)

Tools to determine the intensity distribution every week 

Library to create and store workouts, to easily apply to multiple athletes

With ScienceTraining you can pre-build your workouts and easily apply them to multiple athletes. The software will automatically adapt the workout to the athlete’s existing zones.

Not just data

ScienceTraining takes more than Garmin data into consideration. Ask your athletes for their RPE and their feel of a workout after a training session. The platform will inform you when your athletes declare a “sad” emoji!

Made by coaches/exercise physiologists

Behind the scenes, there are highly skilled, expert coaches with academic and practical experience, working on the platform. So, there’s enough under the hood to make sure you can coach athletes responsibly, using science you don’t even need to know about. That is, while still retaining full control of your training method and ATP design, customizing it as you need it.

A CRM system for coaches

Organize your athletes’ subscriptions, set the time renewal and we will inform both you and your athletes when it’s time to renew their coaching subscription. ScienceTraining will also notify you when an athlete’s plan is nearly expired, so you can provide them with a new one. Last but not least, we automatically log when you last communicated with an athlete. You can go on and filter your clients by last communication, if needed.

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