With ScienceTraining you and your athletes are able to enable automated synchronization of your workouts schedule with your Garmin watch. This synchronization allows for your training plans to be automatically transferred on your Garmin calendar.

Why is synchronization important?

When you create a workout for yourself or your athletes, then that workout would be part of their training plan. Proper execution of said plan asks for a well-structured training plan, but also for at least the immediate Microcycle to be synchronized with the athlete’s watch. Interval or complex training sessions won’t be done properly without it. 

When will a workout synchronize with a Garmin watch?

  • When a coach has created a new workout on the calendar — from the library, or custom

  • When a coach has moved a workout to a different day on the calendar

  • When a coach has modified or removed a workout from the calendar

  • When an athlete has moved a workout to a different day on the calendar

  • When a manual or automated training program readjustment has taken place

  • When a new threshold is detected for the athlete

To automate synchronization, you first need to connect your Garmin watch within ScienceTraining and then enable the respective synchronization option from your profile. Your athletes need to follow the same process in their ScienceTraining account.

The steps are described below: 


How to enable Garmin watch synchronization

Step1: Connect your Garmin watch with ScienceTraining

Signup or login to your ScienceTraining account, go to your Profile, click on Connect Garmin  and follow the instructions.


Step2: Enable the synchronization option on your profile

To enable synchronization, go to your Profile and, at the Activity tracker section, just enable the Sync my workouts to Garmin option. 


Step3: Create or modify a workout or Macrocycle

There are a few different ways to create or modify a workout. Here are some useful articles to help you:

As for working with a Macrocycle, things are not entirely different:

As long as you’ve connected a Garmin watch with ScienceTraining, any action that needs to be synchronized will automatically invoke a synchronization request. That is, provided that you've enabled the respective sync option in your profile, as we described above. There is no further action you need to take.