The Reports screen (Insights) is the place to go if, as a coach, you need to check on your athletes, monitor their status, view their stats and make decisions about readjustments to their training plan. A comprehensive, summary report is what you need, to better understand their needs and keep track of their performance and progress.

You may actually be able to find useful information about their consistency against predicted times on various distances, from past workout sessions, even if they’ve just started working with you. All they (presently) need to do is connect one of the compatible activity tracking devices (Garmin, Suunto, Polar) to their ScienceTraining account. Upon connection, their latest workouts will become available in ScienceTraining, to help prepare the respective reports. This way, you'll be able to evaluate their fitness and endurance status, so you can design the best possible training program for them, in no time. We call this function “data Backfill”.

So, here’s how the Report screen works:

View a report for an individual athlete

Step 1: Select your athlete

Step 2: Go to the Report page (Insights)

On your Athletes Report Page (Insights) you’ve got these following stats at your fingertips

  1. A compound report representing their commitment over time for all types of sports

  1. Sport-specific reports

Apart from the summarized report that represents their overall performance you’ll also be able to view the following reports: 

        Duration, Stress and Distance stats 

You may specify the time period you want to inspect (3, 6 and 12 months) along with the details of the representation 



Personal Bests


Race Peaks & Heart Peaks

Heart Rate Totals & Pace Zone Totals