The Report screen is the place to go if, as an athlete, you need to check on your progress and status, view your stats and make decisions about what you might need to discuss with your coach. The only prerequisite is to have already connected one of the compatible activity tracking devices (Garmin, Suunto, Polar) with ScienceTraining.

A comprehensive, summary report is what you need, to better understand what you need to improve on, and keep track of every little detail in your training journey.

To view your progress stats, click on Insights at the left-hand side of your screen

There, you’ll be able to view a detailed report, with stats regarding your progress on the sports you’re training for, as a whole, along with special details regarding each one of them.

On your report screen you’ll be able to view the following information, regarding your progress: 

  1. A compound report representing your commitment, over time, for all types of sports 

  2. Sport-specific reports

Duration, Stress and Distance stats 

You may specify the time period you want to inspect (3, 6 and 12 months) along with the details of the representation 



Personal Bests


Race Peaks & Heart Peaks

Heart Rate Totals & Pace Zone Totals