Sometimes, you need to draft an entire training plan for your athlete — the complete macrocycle — before you can share with them their first few weeks worth of workouts. But, you don’t want to share the whole schedule with them. It might be confusing or stressful for them. You can use the Dynamic Plan feature to gradually serve them their plan, every few weeks or so.

Step 1: Go to the athlete’s calendar

Click on the (1) three dots at the top right hand corner of the calendar and then click on the (2)“Dynamic Plan”.

Step 2: Select the range of workouts you want to share with your athlete

On the pop-up window may click on one of the following options:  

  1. Make the whole calendar visible to your athlete by clicking on the “Show everything” option. This is the default option and it’s exactly the way you’ve been working up till now.

  2. Click on “Show specific dates” and then navigate on the mini calendar to select the date range(from/to) that will be visible to your athlete.    

  3. Click on the “Show number of dates” option, then hover your mouse over the number of days field to increase or decrease the number of visible days on your athlete’s calendar. 
    Starting from today and onwards your athlete will see x days of scheduled workouts on their calendar.   


Once you’re done just click on “Save changes”  and then click on the x to close the window. 

Step 3: Build a new plan or choose one from the Plan Library 

Now you’re free to work on your athlete’s calendar distributing workouts on their calendar knowing that they’ll be able to view only the calendar part you have decided. In the same fashion, athletes won’t receive any notifications regarding workouts you may be adding. 

You may create your training plan, or use one available in your Plan Library

NOTE: You will be able to identify whether you’re sharing or not a workout scheduled on a specific date by checking the respective icon(shared/not shared) on that date: