Install ScienceTraining on your mobile devices* (to be fair, it works on desktop, laptop and mobile devices). No need to install anything from the app store. Just install an icon to the web app, right on your home screen, for easy access. This way you won’t have to login to your account through your browser every time you need to access your training platform.

*provided that your browser supports push notifications

It only takes a few taps — or clicks — and you’re done. All you have to do is login to your ScienceTraining account through your mobile browser (it will go even smoother) and follow a few simple steps.  

Once you’re done with the installation of ScienceTraining to your mobile home screen you’ll be able to view the push notifications** of the latest actions performed by your athletes(or your coach) on your device. 

**push notification functionality is supported by all major browsers. 

Note here that we'll only show you the latest push notifications that correspond to the events that happened in the last 10 minutes', so as to not overwhelm you with notifications. You’ll still be able to see the complete set of notifications through the notifications bell icon, by clicking or tapping on the “View all notifications” option.

Installing Sciencetraining on Windows 

  1. Login to your ScienceTraining account through your Chrome browser

NOTE: Now that we’ve made this change in ScienceTraining’s functionality, you may notice a popup window that prompts you to allow notifications on your Chrome browser the first time you’ll login to your account. To allow notifications, click on “Allow”. 
If you missed or accidentally closed that prompt, you can click on the padlock icon at the left-hand side of the address bar or navigate to Privacy and Security > Site settings > Notifications to modify your Notifications settings there. 

  1. Click on the download icon at the right-hand side corner of the address bar on your browser. 

  1. Click on “Install” on the pop-up notification that shows up on your browser. 

  1. Once the installation is completed the ScienceTraining app window will automatically open up for you.

Take a peek at your Desktop, where you’ll now see that the ScienceTraining app shortcut has already been added there for you.



    TIP: To make it easier for you to find the app you may pin the app on your Taskbar.


NOTE: You may also have a look at the Apps & Features list; your ScienceTraining app is now listed there. 

Installing Sciencetraining on Android

  1. Login to your ScienceTraining account using your Chrome browser on your Android device. 

NOTE:There you’ll see a popup message that prompts you to install Sciencetraining. You may click on “Install” to allow for an auto installation to be completed. If you decide to ignore this notification, you may follow the manual installation step, as described next.  

  1. Click on the three dots icon at the right-hand of your window. 

(follow this step if you ignored the auto installation)

  1. Click on the “Install app” option to install the ScienceTraining application.  

  1. On the pop-up window click on “Install


    Note that the naming of the application in your Android device is STR

  1. Allow for a few seconds for the installation to be completed. 

You’ll see a message “Adding STR..” at the bottom of your screen.



Once the installation is completed you’ll get a push notification informing you that the STR app has been “Added to Home screen”. 

    Now you may find the STR shortcut on your Home screen.

Turning on and off the notifications 

The notifications settings for your training platform in your STR app and your Chrome browser  are shared. If you enable notifications on your Chrome browser they’ll be enabled in your STR app and vice versa. 

The first time you open your STR app on your Android device you'll receive the following prompt message regarding your notifications. 

If you didn’t unblock your notifications settings on the previous step (i.e. enabling push notifications) you’ll see the following popup message on your first login to the STR app that prompts you to modify the notification settings. You may click on “Manage” or “Allow for this site” based on whether you prefer to get push notifications or not. 

Sample push notifications

To give you a demonstration of push notifications on your Android device here’s an indicative example of the notifications you’ll get once an athlete adds a comment. 

Installing Sciencetraining on iPhone

To install ScienceTraining on your iPhone you may follow the following indicative steps or consult Apple’s official documentation

  1. Use your Safari browser to navigate to the ScienceTraining url and then click on the Share button, located at the bottom center of your screen

  2. Select the “Add to Home Screen” on the tab that appears on your Safari browser at the right side of your screen and approve the following actions.

Once you’re done follow the iPhone User Guide to make sure respective notifications are allowed.

Installing Sciencetraining on Mac

To install ScienceTraining on your Mac you may follow a similar series of steps as the ones described below or consult Apple’s official documentation:

  1. Use your Safari browser to navigate to the ScienceTraining url

  2. Click on the install icon and then on the installation prompt 

Once you’re done follow the macOS User Guide to make sure respective notifications are allowed.