To invite an athlete to connect with you, click on “Settings”, type your athlete’s email address in the invitation box and press “Send invitation”.

ScienceTraining will notify the athlete through an email notification. If they already have a ScienceTraining account they will also receive a notification within the platform. Once they’ve accepted your invitation you’ll also be notified with both an email notification and a notification in your account.

Inviting your athlete

You, as a coach, need to follow the next steps: 

  1. Click on the “Settings” button 


  1. Type in the athlete’s email address and press the “Send invitation” button

As an athlete, you may also send an invitation to your coach, if you have one. In doing so, you'll connect your account as an athlete with your own coach. 
This way, as a coach you'll be able to prepare trainings for your athletes. But, as an athlete, you'll be able to view workouts prepared for you from you own coach, all from your own account.

Your athlete should do as follows:

  1. Your athlete will receive a notification informing them of your invitation(as shown below).
    They need to click on it. 

  1. On the popup window that follows they need to respond to the invitation by clicking on “Accept

Once they do so you will get notified with both an email and a notification about your athlete's response.

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