Notifications can mass up quickly, as you train more and more athletes; and we know it takes time to sift through the lot and find what matters the most in the moment. 

Notifications are sorted by importance, making sure you won’t miss crucial notifications like invitations or comments on workouts. They’re also categorized and keep you in the loop regarding how many you’ve not read with an unread badge on each of them. That way, you know how many unread notifications you have in each category, at a glance, without having to open it.

To navigate through the different categories of notifications:

Step 1

You may view your notifications in a long all-inclusive list. However, we’ve also  grouped your notifications under five distinct categories, for convenience. [Figure 1]

  • Workout notifications

  • Performance & Monitoring

  • Comments & Invitations

  • Reminders

  • Management

Choose the notification category you need. The notifications list will filter out any irrelevant notifications, to save you time.

Figure 1

Step 2

Read the notifications under the selected category and click on the one you’re interested to find out more details about.

Each notification comes with a label, as to whether it is a comment, alert, invitation response or workout notification, so you can focus on the ones that matter in the moment. [Figure 2]

Figure 2

Step 3

Once you’ve clicked on a notification, you’ll be redirected to the appropriate screen, with all the details you need to know. [Figure 3]

Figure 3

Editing Notifications 

Read more on how to edit the notifications you get as a coach, here.