In this article we explain in detail the steps you need to take to upgrade your subscription Plan from Free to Pro, in case you have been using ScienceTraining with the Free Plan and you have not yet set up a payment method. 

1.Go to your Account 

Navigate to Settings > Account and click on Upgrade to Pro [Fig. 1]

Fig. 1

You will be directed to your Subscription Configuration page where you need to follow the steps below:

2.Select the Billing period

  • Monthly (preselected for you) to pay as you go 

  • Annual (click on Selected) [Fig. 2]

Fig. 2

3.Define the number of athletes 

Increase (or decrease) the number of athletes you want to train with ScienceTraining using the +(plus) and –(minus) buttons [Fig. 3].

Fig. 3

4.Proceed with payment method configuration 

Click on Pay now [Fig. 4]

Fig. 4

You will be transferred to Stripe’s secure environment where you can fill in your payment card’s details.

Once you do so and click on Subscribe and you’ll have successfully upgraded your account to Pro [Fig. 5].

Fig. 5

Now, you may send invitations to as many athletes as you included in your Pro plan; and, once you’ve successfully connected with them, you’ll be ready to begin your training cooperation. 

See: How to invite athletes