You subscription may have been suspended/canceled in one of the following cases:

  • Your trial period in our Pro Plan came to an end and you have not yet set up a payment method. 

  • You didn’t pay your due subscription within 5 days from its expiration date and your Pro Rata balance (in-app available credit) is zero.     

The steps you need to follow in order to reactivate your account for the first scenario (we assume that you have not set up a payment method yet) is slightly different from the second, where you’ll only need to proceed with payment by clicking on Re-activate . Here’s what you should do:

1.Go to your Account 

Navigate to Settings > Account and click on Re-activate [Fig.1]


2.Modify your account

You will be transferred to your Subscription Configuration page where you may increase(+) or decrease(-) the number of Athletes you want to train, and select the Billing period you prefer for your subscription plan [Fig.2]. 



3.Proceed with payment method configuration

Once you’re done with the modifications just click on Pay now [Fig.3]


You will be transferred to Stripe’s secure environment, where you can fill in your payment card’s details [Fig.4].


Once you do so, just click on Subscribe and you’ll have your account successfully reactivated to the Pro plan. 

You may now send invitations to new athletes you want to train and/or reconnect with suspended athletes and begin your training. 

See: How to invite athletes