Whether you’re already using ScienceTraining and just need to upload some additional data for better analysis, or you’re just migrating from a different workflow, you can import your data and start working in minutes.

To import your activities into ScienceTraining you first need to:

1.Export your data from your existing platform, in .FIT files

2.De-compress your data on your desktop and have them ready as *.FIT files

NOTE: You don’t need to have already connected your fit tracking device. All you need to do is download the *.FIT file from the respective platform.

Uploading your data into ScienceTraining

To upload your workout data follow the steps below:

1.Go to your Calendar and click on “Upload file” at the top right hand of your screen. 

2.On the popup window click on the plus sign next to the “Add one or more files” and navigate to your file system to find the *.fit file you wish to upload. 

3.When you find the corresponding file click “Upload”.  

4.Wait until the file has been successfully uploaded (you’ll see a green checkmark) and then click on “Close”.


Note: Attempting to upload a *.FIT file you have already uploaded you’ll see a red cross next to the file name. 

4.Once your file has been uploaded it will be added as an activity on the corresponding date. 

You may navigate to the specific date slot and click on the workout instance you have already added and view the analyzed details of your workout exactly the way you do for the workouts that are automatically uploaded from your device.

File size limitations

The size of each of the *.fit files you are uploading should be max 2.5Mb.