With the Plan Library, you can create and save and edit entire training plans. You can apply a saved training plan with one or more athletes, since all thresholds and zones will be updated to each athlete’s levels, automatically. It’s a versatile and time-saving feature, enabling you to serve small or large groups of athletes, at a fraction of the time.

Create a new training plan, directly in the Plan Library

You may create a new training plan from scratch and save it in your Training Plan Library so that you’ll use it as many times as you may need in your athletes’ calendars. 

Step 1: Go to the Plan Library screen

Click on “Library”, then on “Training Plan Library” and finally on “Add

Step 2: Create a series of workouts, for as many weeks as you need

On the popup window create a series of workouts for as many weeks as you need.
You may do so simply by clicking on the plus + sign and following the steps exactly the way you do work in your athletes’ calendars.

1. Select the type of workout (Running, Cycling, Swimming or Strength) 

2. And then add workouts you create from scratch or import pre-built workouts from your Library.

You may further adjust each workout before you add it and once you’re ready just click on “Save to plan”, then click on “Cancel” to close your popup windows and the workout will be added on your mini calendar.  

You may hover your cursor over the scheduled workouts to see the name of the workout you have created or added from your Library.

NOTE: Οnce you add at least one workout per week you’ll then be able to add workouts on the week that follows. To do so just click on the “Add week” 

Step 3: Save your training plan

Fill in the name of the Training plan in the “Title field and add any “Notes” if needed and then click on “Save plan” to save your plan in your Training Plan Library and then close the popup window. 

Save an existing training plan from an athlete’s calendar

Alternatively, you may save a series of workouts you have already scheduled in one of your athletes’ calendars as a reusable training plan in your Training Plan Library. This way you can make the most out of the work you have already done.    

Step 1: Go to the athlete’s calendar

Step 2: Click on “New Library plan”

Step 3: Select the range of workouts

Select the starting and the ending date of your athlete’s calendar to create a training plan with workouts included within this date range. Once you’re ready click on “Continue

Step 4: Save your training plan

Now fill in a Title to name your new training plan and add any comments if needed. 

Edit a training plan directly in the Plan Library

Step 1: Go to the Plan Library screen

Step 2: Select your training plan

Click on the Training Plan you want to edit. 

Step 3: Click to edit your training plan

Before you start working on your Plan you may inspect the expected stress values 1) and the said 2) workouts included in it. To do so just hover your cursor over the respective areas. 

Click on “Edit Plan” to make edits on your training plan.

  1. Drag n’ drop a scheduled workout on a different week day.

  2. Click on a workout and then EditCopy or Delete

  3. Delete a whole week of workouts by clicking on the red basket at the left side of each week.

Step 4: Save your training plan

Edit the Title, your Notes or add extra workouts, click on “Save” once you’re ready and then close the popup window. 

Implement a training plan from the Plan Library to one or more athletes’ calendars

Step 1: Go to the Plan Library

Step 2: Select your plan of preference

Click on the training plan you want to assign to one or more athletes.

Step 3: Assign your training plan to one or more athletes

Click on “Assign to” to see the list of your athletes 

Note that before you assign your training plan you may need to make a few tweaks, to do so follow the steps described above in “Edit a training plan directly in the Plan Library” section. 

Step 4: Select the athletes you want to assign this training plan

Tick the name of the athletes and click on “Continue

Note: As you’ll see upon assignment workouts stress levels are adapted to your athletes’ performance. 

Step 5: Select the starting date

Select the starting date for each one of your athletes. Click on the date and navigate to the date of preference. Once you’re done selecting click on “Assign” and then close the popup window. 

Your training plan has been successfully assigned to your athletes. Now you may check your athletes calendars to make sure workouts are assigned properly. Note that you may drag n’ drop workouts on adjacent days if needed.