Onboarding your athletes to the platform is important if you need them to receive the full value from your services and from their experience using the platform. And, it’s done in a few easy steps:

Create an invitation

Step 1:

Go to the “My Athletes” tab. Fill in your new athlete’s email address [Fig.1].


Step 2: 

If needed, you can “Add a short message” [Fig.2].


Add a Custom on-boarding form

We’ve provided a default template, but you can customize it with any text fields or file-upload/download fields you need [Fig.3]. Edit it, as many times as you need.


Select “Show form” to send it to the athlete or “Don’t show form” to skip sending it for this athlete, as you see fit [Fig.4]. 

Fig 4

Wait for your athlete to accept the invitation

Your athlete will receive an email and an in-app notification about your invitation. 

Step 1:

Once they click to accept the invitation, they will have to accept the terms and conditions that come with sharing their information with you [Fig.5].


Step 2:

The on-boarding form will appear for them to fill in, even after they have started working with you, including downloading, signing and reuploading your coaching agreement [Fig.6].


Review the information

Once your athlete has filled out the form and accepted your invitation, you’ll receive an email and in-app notification.

Step 1:

Select your new athlete from the dropdown menu on the top navigation bar. You can also type their name, since it doubles as a search field [Fig.7].


Step 2:

Go to the athlete’s profile, from the “Profile” menu item, on the left sidebar

The first time in, the On-boarding form response will appear on a tidy prompt [Fig.8].

NOTE: If you have invited a new athlete that hasn't created an account with ScienceTraining yet, once they have created — and verified — their account, they will be presented with the same prompt, to fill in the requested information and upload any pertinent files. However, they can defer this step for later.


If you miss it, just scroll down to the “Onboarding Form” section and click on the button to reopen the form [Fig.9].