Now you can create workouts straight from your dashboard without having to go to the athlete’s calendar, first. 

1. Select the sport type 

In your Dashboard go to the workout Schedule, on the right, and click on the sports-type icon you want to add to an athlete’s calendar. 

2. Select the athlete

Once you pick a workout, select your athlete from the window that pops up, and click Select Athlete.

3. Select the workout type

Select the type of workout you want to add from the list that appears on your screen.  In case you want to create a custom exercise (click on Custom)  or import one from the built-in workout library (click on Import from library).

You may find both options at the bottom of your workout list. Choose whatever suits you best. 

4. Edit workout parameters and save

You can check the workout components in the window that appears next. Choose a date for the workout and click on Save Workout to exit. 

Going back to your dashboard, you’ll see the workouts you added on the scheduler field, below the workout icons. 

NOTE: There is a toggle button in the "Schedule" section that allows you to see the workouts you have scheduled for the current, or next day. Click on Today or Tomorrow to view the relevant workouts you have scheduled for your athletes.

The workout you created will automatically appear in your athlete’s calendar.

That was it! You successfully created a workout from the comfort of your dashboard in four easy steps.