If you want to add a new workout session to a saved training plan in the library — or edit an existing workout session in the plan —  follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to the Library tab

Log in, and go to the Library tab.

2. Navigate to the Training Plan Library tab

Once you enter the library, click on the ‘Training Plan Library’ tab to find the training plans you created.

Then, choose the plan in which you want to add or edit workouts.

How to add a new workout in a saved training plant 

A window will appear with an overview of the chosen plan. At the bottom, you’ll find two options: ‘Edit Plan’, and Assign to an athlete. 

At this point, click on ‘Edit Plan’ — we’ll get to the assignment part later on.

1. Add a new workout to the plan

Now, once you enter the editing window, scroll down to find the plan with the saved workouts per week. If you want to create a new workout, click on the ‘+’ button on the training day you wish to add it to. 

A window will open with the available types of workouts. There you may choose the sports type you want to create a new workout.  

2. Select Library Workout 

Click on the workout you want to add to the plan. You may import one from the library by clicking on Import from library.

3. Modify the workout parameters

How to edit an existing workout in a training plan you saved to the library

1. Select the workout you want to edit 

To edit an existing workout, click on the workout icon and then, click on ‘Edit’.

2. Modify workout parameters

In the window that pops up, edit the training parameters and click ‘Save to Plan’.

You may repeat the process above to add multiple workouts for that plan. Once you’re done click on the Cancel button on the sports types screen or press Esc to close the popup window. Then, on your Edit plan screen click on Save plan, scroll up, and click on ← Edit plan to return to your initial screen.