Assigning and deassigning a library plan to an athlete or list of athletes

1. Navigate to the athletes’ list

Back to the overview panel of the Training Plan. At the bottom of the window, click on the ‘Assign to…’ button.

2. Select the athletes

Tick the athlete names you want to assign this training plan to — or type their name on the field next to the magnifying glass icon — and press ‘Continue’.

3. Specify the starting date of the plan(s)

Select a starting date of the training plan for your athlete(s), click ‘Assign’, and you’re done!

NOTE: If you want to remove a training plan assignment from an athlete, go to the ‘Training Plan Library’ tab and choose the training plan you want to disassociate athletes. In the overview window, click on ‘View assigned athletes’.

A list will appear with all the athletes that use this plan. Click the ‘Remove’ button on the right to the athlete’s name you want to de-assign and click Save.

If by mistake you clicked to remove the wrong athlete, you can always ‘undo’ the delete action before you click ‘Save’.

You’re ready! You just deassigned an athlete from a saved training plan in your library.