Calendar Notes provide a convenient way to keep important notes to remember about a certain workout. With each new note you create, you can notify your athlete about it. Each note appears on the athlete’s notification list. They’ll also receive an email notification.

Create a Calendar Note

Step 1

Select the athlete on whose Calendar you wish to add a Note. [Figure 1]


Figure 1

Step 2
Drag-n-drop the “note” icon to the preferred day. [Figure 2]

Figure 2

Step 3 

Write the message you want your athlete to see on their calendar. You can use links and, on most browsers, you may use emojis, if you wish.  [Figure 3]

Figure 3

Step 4

Click on the “Save note” button and save your note on the Athlete’s calendar. Your athlete will get the respective notification on their account. And, they will be able to see the note, by simply  clicking on it. [Figure 3]

Note here that you can add notes on your own calendar as well. Your notes will be purple-colored and you’ll be able to see them on your calendar view. The ones you’ve added for your athletes will be yellow-colored, for easier discrimination.

Edit a Calendar Note

You can edit an existing note, as needed, making any adjustments and corrections as the training plan progresses.

Step 1

Click on the note you wish to edit and make the changes on the message and/or its date. Once you’re done editing, just click on the “Update note” button and your changes will be saved. [Figure 5]

Figure 5

Copy and Paste a Calendar Note

You can copy and paste a note onto the same athlete’s or another athlete’s calendar. This will help you manage entire groups of athletes, at a fraction of the time.

Step 1

Click on the note you want to copy and press the “copy” button next to the “Update note” button. You have now copied this note. [Figure 6]

Figure 6

Step 2

Navigate through the “Athletes’ List” at the top left hand side of your screen and find the profile of the athlete on whose calendar you wish to paste that note. [Figure 7]

Figure 7

Step 3

Find the date you want to paste it on; then click on the three dots (context menu) icon at the top right-hand of the date box and click "Paste”. [Figure 8]

Figure 8

Removing/Deleting a note

Step 1

To remove a Note just click on it, then click on the “Actions” context menu at the bottom of the pop-up window and then click on “Delete”. The note will be instantly removed. [Figure 9]

Figure 9


You may add, edit, copy/paste and delete Calendar Notes on both the single view Calendar and the Dual view Calendar, as well. In Dual Calendar view, it will be easier for you to copy and paste notes from one athlete’s calendar to another athlete’s calendar. In both cases, make sure you use the “Athlete’s List” and Calendar navigation to verify the source and the destination of the note you wish to copy over. 

You may find more about Dual Calendar view here.

Adding notes, as an athlete

Αthletes can add their own notes to their calendar, as well. Communicating any important details and nuances on any workout to the coach is equally important as a coach communicating their thoughts and guidance to the athlete. Communication should, after all, be bidirectional.

Step 1

To add a note as an Athlete for your Coach to see, simply drag-n-drop the “Note” icon to the date you wish. [Figure 10]

Figure 10

Step 2

Fill in the message you wish for your coach to see, and click “Update Note”.  [Figure 11]

Figure 11

Your coach will get a notification for your message, once they login to their profile. They will also receive a brief email to notify them of the change.