The “Ad Hoc Athlete Availability” feature is designed to provide athletes with enhanced flexibility in managing their training and achieving a healthy balance between their personal lives and athletic pursuits.

With this feature, you can set your training availabilityinform your coach about it via automatic notifications, and manage your training schedule

Discover more about how to utilize this feature in the guide below!

Step 1: Go to your calendar

To get started, log in to your ScienceTraining athlete account and navigate to your calendar. Look for the availability icon (), under the day you want to set your availability status, and click on it.

Step 2: Specifying Ad Hoc Unavailability

Upon clicking the availability icon, you will be presented with two choices“Not available” and “Not available with reason/note”.

a) “Not available” option:

By selecting this option, you can swiftly update your calendar, and inform your coach — you don’t have to do anything about it, ScienceTraining's notification system will automatically notify your coach about your status.

Once you mark yourself as not available, the icon will automatically be highlighted in red on the day you indicated your unavailability. If you wish to revert to being "available," simply click the icon again, and choose the “Available” option.

However, we strongly recommend providing your coach with a reason for being unable to proceed with your workout. This will enable them to have a better understanding of the situation and make the necessary adjustments to your training sessions. Whether it's a personal commitment, a health issue, or an injury, your coach should be aware of the circumstances.

If you have a reason to provide, opt for the "Not available with reason/note" option. ?

b) “Not available with reason/note” option for just 1 day:

If you have a sudden unavailability that occurs on a day you are normally available, simply select the availability icon and choose the "Not available with reason/note" option.

Please note that for the "Not available with reason/note" option, it is required to provide a reason. Click on the “Reason” field and select an option from the following list:

  1. Injury

  2. Illness

  3. Personal reasons

  4. Rest and recovery

  5. Travel

  6. Team commitments

  7. Scheduled rest period

  8. Suspension or disciplinary action

  9. National or international competitions

  10. Mental health and well-being

  11. Other

You also have the option to enter additional details or notes in the text box below. This allows you to provide your coach with more context regarding your unavailability.

c) Option “Not available with reason/note” for multiple days

The "Not available with reason/note" option also allows you to specify unavailability for multiple days at once. This means that you can set your training 'unavailability' for consecutive days. Here's how you can do it:

  • Click on the "Add more days" button.

  • Select the days on which you won't be able to train.

Once you do, click the “Save” button.

Your calendar will look like this:

If you decide that you can actually train on a day that you previously marked as not available, follow these steps:

  • Click on the respective icon for the day you want to modify.

  • Look for the "Unmark day" button, and click on it to remove the “ not available” status for that specific day.

Please note that you can’t specify unavailability for a period longer than fourteen days. The system limits your ability to mark yourself as unavailable beyond this timeframe.

If you need to mark your unavailability for a period longer than fourteen days, it is recommended to modify your settings. By clicking on the "modify your settings" option, you will be redirected to your settings page, where you can make the necessary changes. 

Be that as it may, you should discuss this situation with your coach, first, as they can provide guidance or support during this process.

That was it!

By following the steps provided in this article, you can easily set your availability, specify any ad hoc unavailability, and provide your reasons. This valuable feature enhances communication between you and your coach, leading to more efficient training planning and scheduling.