1. Select the athlete you want to train

At the left hand side of your screen click on the “Athletes list” and select an athlete by clicking on their name.

NOTE: At this dropdown Athletes list you’ll see the names of the athletes you have been connected and you may use it a search tool

2. Add sport-specific training sessions on your athletes’ calendar

Click on the “Calendar” button to view an athlete’s calendar.
Click on one of the sports icons (swim, bike, run or strength depending on the sport you want to create the workout for), slowly drag and drop it on the date you need. 

3. Select one of the predefined training sessions

Once you drop the training item on the date you prefer you can then adapt it to your athletes’ needs.
To do so, select the type of workout you need (if you want to re-name the type of workout, or customize it, select “Custom”)

4. Adapt the training session to your athletes’ needs

Clicking on one of the predefined training sessions allows you to edit the workout sessions as follows:

  1. Rename the workout by clicking on the Name field

  2. Select the preferred way for its training load (duration or distance),

  3. Choose the intensity method you prefer for the cardio workouts: 

 Running and cycling (Heart Rate, Pace/power or RPE zones)
Swimming (Tpace, RPE)

  1. Increase/decrease gradient and total elevation(ascent for cycling and running sessions)

  2. Type in any additional information on the Instructions field (optional)

  1. Finally, to start building the workout just click on the “Add Step” button(note here that you can use as many steps as you need).
    If you want to build repeatable steps (e.g. high intensity interval training) click on the “
    Add repeat” button and edit repeating steps based on your athletes’ goal. 

    Then press “Save”.

As you can see on the image below, you can prescribe steps for Warm-up, Work, Cool down, Rest Passive or Rest Active 

 You may also define the intensity of each step with HR Zones (zone 1, zone 2 etc.), Fixed values (e.g. 135-145b/min) or  %LT  that is the percentage of the lactate threshold (e.g. 85-95% LT)

Now, the workout is also visible on your athlete’s calendar.
The summaries section on the right will start calculating usable and convenient data. 

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