With ScienceTraining, you can save the workouts that you build as presets in your library. This will be a super time efficient tool for your coaching because you can easily apply preset workouts to any athlete you want.
Once you apply a preset workout to an athlete ScienceTraining will automatically update this workout in your athletes specific zones.

  1. Select the type of workout you need (if you want to re-name the type of workout, or customize it, select “Custom”)

  1. Click on the “Calendar” button to view an athlete’s calendar. Drag one of the sports icons (swim, bike, run or strength), depending on the sport you want to create the workout for and drop it on the date you need. 

  1. Now, you can: 

    1. rename the workout, 

    2. select the preferred way for its training load (duration or distance), 

    3. choose the method you prefer to define intensity (based on Heart Rate, pace/power or RPE zones), 

    4. insert a gradient and total ascent 

    5. and type in any additional information (optional)

  1. Click on the “Add step” button to start building the workout (you can use as many steps as you need).
    Use the “Add repeat” button if you want to build repeatable steps (e.g. high intensity interval training).

     Finally click on the “Add to library” button and your workout is now on your library

NOTE: As you can see on the image below, you can prescribe steps for Warm-up, Work, Cool down, Rest Passive or Rest Active  

 You may also define the intensity of each step with HR Zones (zone 1, zone 2 etc.), Fixed values (e.g. 135-145b/min) or  %LT  that is the percentage of the lactate threshold (e.g. 85-95% LT)

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